Why should you worry about the future? You don’t even know the present properly. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.
Ramana Maharshi (via ittybitty-world)

I actually really like this

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Anonymous asked:
tbh you are so beautiful like you should post atleast one selfie a day! like you HAVE to!

hahaha that’s too much pressure!

Anonymous asked:
Do you work at a salon?

something like that ya haha

Anonymous asked:
in those last célfies were you sick? noticed your nose was a little bit red.

no, I probably wiped off my makeup or something. I have redness behind my makeup, one of my many flaws lol

Anonymous asked:
I found out about him on YOUR blog :)

how cool 😄 you’re welcome 😉

Anonymous asked:
Can you post a selfie of you smiling 😁

I don’t have one, I h8 my smile

Anonymous asked:
How did you find out about Partynextdoor?

how did YOU find out about PARTYNEXTDOOR? lol